Security Plans

What are License Application Security Plans?

The purpose of license application security plans is to identify the current security structure of a facility and organization. Providing an analysis of current and future policies and procedures, suggestions for improvement allows the organization to reach a security level that mitigates risk. The deliverable is a detailed report that assesses the maturity of the facility’s current physical and procedural security. Each license application security plan is performed by security expert, CEO/President Michael Julian and with none of his application security plans being denied to date, he has helped over a dozen businesses  receive approval for their cultivation and/or sales licenses.

A successfully implemented license application security plan process provides the necessary emphasis on security policies and procedures during the most important phases of a project – the planning and design phases. The assessment process includes, but is not limited to the following:

Table of Contents

  1. Table of Contents
  2. Facility
    1. Location of Business
    2. Outside Overview
    3. Parking Lot
    4. Lighting
    5. Ingress/Egress
    6. Windows
    7. Inside Overview
  3. Operations
    1. Policies and Procedures
      1. Non- Employees in Product and Processing Area
      2. Opening and Closing Procedures
      3. Hours of Operation
      4. Violence – Zero Tolerance
      5. Sexual Harassment
      6. Investigations
  4. Safety
    1. Intoxication
    2. Drugs
    3. Theft
    4. Robbery/Assault
    5. Emergency procedure training
      1. Fire
      2. Earthquake/Tornado
      3. Medical
      4. Injury or Accident
  5. Security
    1. Ordinance
      1. Cameras
      2. Alarms
      3. Entry
      4. Licensed Security
      5. Transportation
      6. Odor Control
      7. Signage
      8. Reporting
      9. Records
      10. Storage
    2. Security Mechanisms
      1. Access Control
      2. Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) – Alarm
      3. Electronic Surveillance
      4. Physical Security
  6. Diagrams
    1. Access Control
    2. Exterior Camera Layout
    3. Interior Camera Layout
    4. Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS Alarm)
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